It's All About Camaraderie

The Valken Corps is a band of paintball players who reach out beyond their own team or group, to unite with other like-minded individuals, and come together on a larger scale to enjoy the game of paintball. Our goal is to give paintballers what they're craving; more paintball. We can connect you with other players and events in your area, creating a network of paintball enthusiasts that play together, share advice, support local fields and shops, and who contribute to the growth of the game. The Valken Corps highlights the fields, stores, events, teams, and individuals that help make paintball the entertaining obsession we all know and love.


Team Up
The Valken Corps is a syndicate of individual players, groups, and teams who come together on a larger scale to play paintball, talk paintball, and share paintball with each other. You'll find new buddies to play with in your backyard skirmishes, or an army to roll with at big games and scenarios.

Connect and Play

The Valken Corps website is a portal where members observe what's going on in the Valken Corps Community.

It's a place to view & share, news, events, meet-ups, and your achievements on the playing field. Submit your news to us and we'll let the rest of the Corps hear about it. Make sure to check the site often for new events near you being hosted by Valken or Valken Corps members.

Freebies and Discounts

When we roll to an event, Corps members will get VIP treatment at the Valken Compound. Food, drink, gear discounts, and a place to relax between battles are just a few examples of what we'll break out.

Can't reach the event to score your discount or grub? No worries, we'll be shooting all of our members exclusive gear specials whenever we have a Valken Corps event going on. We don't want to leave out our weekend ballers who are a bit too far away to make the event.


Assemble your team and join forces with the Valken Corps. Our teams’ memberships are growing by the day. In addition to the perks that Valken Corps members receive, Valken is also offering team sponsorships to further enhance your team’ assets. Join up today and rep the Valken Corps at your next big event. Looking forward to serving alongside you soon. Hoorah!