Sliding On Concrete: Valken Zulu Pants

"While at PRZ, I made the rash decision to slide three times on concrete covered with loose gravel. Check out the results on the pants I was wearing. I'll be repairing the pair on the left, but no damage was done to the pair on the right." -Mustard

Moral of this story: Don't slide on concrete, unless you're Zulu equipped.

I don't actually recommend sliding on asphalt, concrete, or rocks. However, the above story did occur and I was impressed. My team's camo pattern is MARPAT, but BDUs don't work out well for me. Before using Valken Sports Zulu pants, I tore the crotch out of every pair of BDUs I used on the field.

I can't speak for their speedball apparel, but when it comes to the woods or urban play, go with the Zulu apparel pants. I pair mine with a Valken Echo jersey.


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