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EMR Game of Bones 2017

April 03, 2017

EMR Game of Bones


The Seven Kingdoms plus numerous other Royal Houses have all been fighting for the right to sit on the Throne of Bones and rule the entire Land of WESTERWORRS. After extensive fighting, treachery, parlays, and alliances, the forces have been whittled down to Four Mighty Kingdoms: House of STARK, House of LANNISTER, House of TYRELL, and House of TARGARYEN.

These Powerful Kings are now fielding their Armies to battle for Supreme Control of Westerworrs and the right to Rule from the Throne of Bones! Pick your Kingdom that you want to fight for and join in this Mighty War for Domination. On Saturday, not only will you be fighting three other armies, but the WILDTHINGS will also be stirring up trouble throughout the realms. At the end of Saturday’s Battle, the two Kingdoms with the least amount of Control will be absorbed into the other two kingdoms and Sunday will bring JUST TWO IMMENSE ARMIES fighting for the RULE OF WESTERWORRS!

The GAME OF BONES will Include Missions, Props, Battleflag Stations, Movable Siege Towers, Protective Shields, and many other Exciting Developments!

After the Event Play is over for the day, you can kick back and ENJOY EMR’s OTHER AMENITIES such as Outdoor Volleyball, Horseshoes, Cornhole, Kan Jam, Bocce Balls, and the traditional Bon Fire plus Ping Pong, Beer Pong, Foosball, and Cards upstairs in our full Rec. Center. The EMR Store now Carries ICE, FIREWOOD, and CAMPING SUPPLIES along with Food, Snacks, Beverages, and Paintball/Airsoft Equipment!