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Are you doing what you can to help others get into the game of paintball?

March 29, 2017

Are you doing what you can for others is something I ask myself all the time. I ask it because it’s what is needed for this sport to survive. What can I do to help others have an enjoyable experience? The Valken Corps is made up of individuals who are all about this. We even ask it all the time saying “what can the corps do for you?” That’s what we are here for.

If I haven’t helped one player have a better moment either new or veteran, I feel I haven’t accomplished enough. It’s through the players experience is where I truly feel I’ve played. To see another player get the flag or need a pod of paint or gain that extra bit of excitement or courage to go further on the field then ever before because of my help then that is a true moment worth sharing. I’m telling you it’s infectious and once you get a taste of it, your going to want it more and more. So I encourage you when you see someone in need of help, reach out and offer your hand. The reward is priceless and it will last a lifetime. From offering someone a tip of keeping their mask off the top of their head while not playing so the heat from their head won’t fog the lens, to reaching out and offering a hand when someone trips. No matter what we need to be there for our fellow players, to help grow paintball.

Keep your mask on and I’ll see you on the field!


Rob McLellan

Valken Corps

Regional Commander Ontario Supreme Commander Canada