Generals Cup 2018 // Riding With Ruff // Day 2

March 06, 2018

As I ride in the back of Pacos RV sitting next to Justin from the Deplorables and write this blog, I reflect on what I would consider another great road trip with my Valken family. I got to play a great weekend of paintball at a new field with old friends like my boy Joe , new friends like the X-Men that we met on our last trip to Florida , and new new friends like Phil's Good Boys that I met at this event.  To me that is what paintball and Valken Corps is really about, not about scores and awards but hanging with old friends and making news ones!  Most of you already know that so lets get right to it and talk about the action:
Day two of General’s Cup and as with day one our mission is Nobody Touches Our Stuff”, oh and the HOTI and prop missions the field provided hahahaha. I get to our base about 3 minutes before game on and there are literally 10 of us and from the 300 style roar the blue team let out they were not short of gladiators.  No worries I got 8 pods of Graffiti and and my VSL with the extension clip fully loaded. Moments before the buzzer sounded we were 30 strong and I was ready to rumble .
The buzzer blows and we take off, I run nonstop left side net all the way to the hyperball pipes. I tuck in behind a bunker and I’m catchin bodies and letting rounds fly like angry bees from a hive.  I stayed there at least 20 minutes in multiple gunfights until those 8 pods and a hopper disappeared. The funniest moment for me had to be when I end up in a bunker with Paco, Joe and Chad. They are telling me this guy is in the building and window directly in front of us, I’m like I'll get him”, stupidly opened my self up before actually being aware of the situation, and BAM! I catch an immediate rope to the mask through the window. My face couldnt have been exposed for half a millisecond and they were on it. I fly back like an NBA player over exaggerating a foul and we all had a good laugh. I would say the most fun moment happened when Candace’s Blue team was close to our base. They had  a decent mount of time to trigger a game-show style buzzer, unprotected,  30 ft in front of our base to blow up our base and send us off the field for 15 minutes, or get pushed back to the green zone and Train had a little trick up his sleeve for when they did. The plan was simple; hold em off just enough so that they were tempted to go for that buzzer and make us sound desperate from our end and when they tried, let them take three steps and instantly regret it. If we did this for the time allotted, they would have to reset behind agreen zone, and then use a nuclear strike that we gathered enough props for and didn’t use right away to eliminate the players in the middle of the field. Effectively confusing them, running past them in all of the confusion and pushing them back to a much needed defensive position. The plan was set and in motion and I’m at the front of the line running hard as they die all the way to the trailer park where I dip into a trailer (Yes they have a trailer park at this field to play in)Quickly, I found two windows and a door that I could work from. I was taking out players left and right from where I was, but the confusion soon wore off, and their General turned them all around to create a fire line and work us off of their front line.  Nicely tucked away, I could see them as they were approaching the front of the hyperball field outside their base. I cant even count how many people I hit from that position but it was a lot, and they just     kept   coming! We finished the main game with great firefights back and forth til the horn sound for stand down and we prepare for final battle. And what a battle it was! One bunker in the center and the team with the most players not hit in the bunker at the end gets the points. Game starts with a bunch of smoke grenades and me and Joe already picked our bunkers to work from. Mine was the upside down boat, great lanes and coverage all in one. 
Game on! and we get to our bunkers and start wrecking shop. I was on one side of the boat and Justin from the Deplorables on the other, Dillon ended up with us, and Moose and Sandy one bunker behind on my left and Joe one bunker on my right. A pretty good base of fire and squad to work with.  We were sending walls of paint their way. I finally peeked out a little too far and caught one to the dome piece.  I also remember at one point me and Joe in a bunker, where I was shootin right and he was using my back as a stand for his SAR 12 … SQUAD !
Overall, we had an amazing time with 400+ other players in the Florida sun. The GPX team really put care into the awesome trophies they had for the Generals to give out. My second trip to Florida with the Valken Corps and our 2nd Most Valuable Team award … V’s Up ! A lot of awesome teams got awards , and each one had their own way of celebrating their achievement. All the work that is put in to making events all that they can be for the players, I wish in some way if you cannot make it to an event, you find some of the love and dedication through these blogs and stories. I always enjoy watching the excitement of players when they receive an award, sons and fathers sign up for the Valken Corps and the little moments that fill the gaps in between all the epic moments.
As with every event I have attended with the Corps , we are the 1st ones there , the last ones to leave , and nobody and I mean nobody touches our stuff !! Until next time and as always , thank you for riding with Got Em Ruff and the Valken Corps , Vs Up - stay real - shoot paint. #whateverittakes