Generals Cup - Day 1

March 06, 2018

     It's that time for my first Generals Cup at Gator Paintball Extreme in Sunny Florida and boy am I excited. So me and Got Em Reaper loaded up our gear and met up with the rest of the squad at the park and ride and we are off. Me and Joe are rollin in the RV with the Deplorable's, and I have to admit, its my first time rollin in an RV so I’m pumped and ready. We hit the road and had a nice little ride in front of us. The road showed no mercy, but Joe and Paco weren’t having it as the #whateverittakes mentality took over and nothing seemed to stop us. After plenty of naps, a whole bunch of miles, and some real nice folks in Alabama (Roll Tide!!!) We made it to our destination. Gator Paintball Extreme. The weather forecast is for “perfect paintball weather” and tomorrow its time to play some paintball!!!
We show up to the field bright and early and get all our stuff in order. Registration, Paint, Air, Chrono, and getting our gear together.  Joe and I walked the field and this place is amazing! Bunkers everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE!!!! We meet up to hear the rules and hear the the Generals hype our event with over 400 other players. It’s about that time to shoot paint! The horn goes off and we run like a bat out of hell to meet the Southern opposing forces as close to their side of the 50 as humanly possible. I see Paco 10 feet ahead of me at the center hyperball tubes and Blue player hands are going up like the wave at a Chicago Bears games! He had a head start and was hogging all the fun. And I’m doing work, closing as many lanes as a IDOT worker on Interstate 94! Intense gunfights all day long and I mean intense. My favorite moment from today is when me and a nice sized group of Red Northern players went and took over the wastelands, a desolate seemingly unplayable area of sand pit. I played until I ran out of paint then I held a long friendly conversation with a Blue player across the field because I wasnt out...we are now bff’s (he doesn’t’ know it yet but its real ) hahahahhaaa. We were having a great time, singing along to music that A-Train had pumping at the base and just generaly enjoying the time here.
Now the South seemed to have chip on their shoulder and kept the lines tight all day. And at least a few times, they gave us an organized Blitzkrieg almost blowing up our base a few times, too. But the referees did a fantastic job calling the action around our Base-Buzzer. We even sat up and reviewed HD video of the action as we actualy thought that they may have gotten us and we would give them the points, as it cost them a lot and they would have earned it. But after review of the tape, there was no denying… we held our base and the referees called it perfectly.  
The horn has blown for the end of day one and by the time I could get my gear cleaned and put away.   Paco was grilling two inch thick New York Strip steaks that were out of this world. We met Valken Corps players from all over and even helped some players sign up. It’s always fun hearing other people’s stories sometimes, you just have to take the time to listen.
Well guys and gals I’m at a beach side tiki bar with a band playing and a fat burger in front of me, doing sociology research of course by taking in the local culture,  so it’s time for me to roll.  Hollar at yall tomorrow.  Stay real and Keep Shootin Paint, Whatever It Takes! -Ruff