Ridin' with Ruff: Valken Corps Day 1

January 12, 2018

Before I get into my trip, let me tell you why I even agreed to do this blog and document my experience. Although I am not new to paintball, I am new to the Valken Corps. I wanted to not just hear what is about and how it works, I was offered the opportunity to experience what it is and how it works and share it with all of you so, not a writer by trade, I won’t pass up the chance to share an inside look at what it means to be part of the Valken family, and go 100% into the Valken Corps. Every day I will be updating the blog.

 After a few days of anticipation, the first day was filled with a lot of packing and prepping. I wasn’t nervous at all just excited, as it’s been a bit since I’ve played just for the sake of playing and I was being given just enough information to get to my next step of the trip. The goal, I was told, was to “Corps Up” with as many Valken Corps players as we could and travel to First Strike Paintball in Newberry, Florida for a 2-Day scenario event. You would think that getting up early and getting on the road was the plan, but I guess we were actually going to drive our starting leg of the trip travelling through the night as most of the other players were finishing up work.

 We started our mission at what is jokingly called ”Pacos Park & Ride”, a central common meeting point for some of us in the Midwest region to carpool. Meeting up for a late night packing and carpool we said our hellos, loaded up the truck and shared stories until the last guy arrived. Paco and his team of friends and family, The Deplorables, seemed to be at such ease and handled all the packing, loading and chatter like seasoned pros who have done this many times before. I will be following them for the rest of the trip for sure, they make this look easy. As time passed more and more familiar faces showed up and jumped right in time with the road team. A-Train from Valken flipped open the doors to the Valken truck and made room for everyone’s gear so we didn’t have to use a trailer. I think I saw his paintball gear in there, too. I’ll update if it ever gets used on this trip, haven’t seen him play in a while. Coach from the Knuckleheads almost in one full motion, hopped out of his truck flipped his gearbags over his shoulder, locked his vehicle and was in. And just like that without fanfare or fireworks, we were off and rolling.

 Its dark, cold and late , we have a half a pack of smokes, our shades ready and we are on a mission from the Valken Corps, and these are ironically the best conditions to have as we have the roads to ourselves . Between the white lines on the road, A-Train’s stories and the music,  the excitement of the day finally caught up with me and I drifted off to sleep clocking mile after mile on the highway. Being the new guy I expected the the razzing would be a little worse, I’m not complaining im just cautiously waiting for it to begin. Because Paco just had that look in his eye like it could all start ay anytime.  I wonder how far we will have gotten tomorrow when the sun comes up because man am I tired. This road life is real.