Riding with Ruff: Valken Corps Road Trip Day 3

January 13, 2018

Woke up today in sunny Florida !!!!! Well not so sunny today, kinda drizzly and gray but that’s alright. The nice lady at the front desk told me it was gonna pass when I was getting my coffee and let me tell you nothing can kill my excitement at this point and to be honest its way better weather then back at home, so I’m alright . Once everyone knocked out the daily routine of coffee (for some), toothbrush and showers and Coach hitting the gym . We were on our way for breakfast and setting up at the field.

Let’s talk breakfast for a moment. I knew this was “Gator Country” but the Gator pride is everywhere here. Immediately upon entering the local Perkins we where greated by a couple of gators. I didnt know if they where a couple so I took my chance with the female . I got a firm hello and allowed to kiss her on the cheek . Remeber when I mentioned the lack of “new guy “ treatment and hazing , Its ABOUT TO GO DOWN (in my Kevin Heart voice). So I’m sitting next to Coach from the Knuckleheads and the waitress goes by us and when she gets behind me we hear “Hello Princess”. She was clearly talking to Melissa the other waitress (Yes I checked her name tag hoping it said Princess) . Upon Hearing this Paco’s eyes lit up like a young boy who seen his first late night cable television! And “Princess” became my name the rest of breakfast hell and at least half of the rest of the day. It was all in fun and love, so I got ahead of it at every chance I could, and it eventually died down.  

With breakfast out of the way, we headed to First Strike Paintball. To me it was like we were heading to Disney, getting more exicted to see this field and what we are about to play on for the weekend, with every mile we drove. We got there and were immediately greeted by one of the nicest field owners I have had the pleasure of meeting, Randy. And that’s saying a lot because I know some nice field owners.  We said our hellos and when A-Train said “camp up” instantly hands and feet where moving paintball bags , boxes , bins , tents and one American flag … God Bless America !!!!! I jumped right in and tried my best to let them know I’m here to do whatever it takes. Paco don’t play he sets a pace on and off field and he don’t stop til the job is done. I really like that because I’m totally the same way. 10 minutes! less than 10 minutes and the entire compound was up, tabled, staked, lit powered and walled off. Next stop, Ringling Bros. Travelling Circus. I cant wait until tomorrow so we can punch peoples clock together on the field this is gonna be amazing! Speaking of amazing, Randy gave us a personal tour of his field. What a super cool field it is, too. Parts of it remind me of a jungle and if his excitement was any indication of how he was feeling, Paco was loving it too. We walked the field, got some air in our tanks checked all of our markers and made sure they were running and then we said our goodbyes until tomorrow to Randy and the staff. We're heading back to the hotel before we meet up for dinner with about 15 more members of the Valken Corps, that just got in.

Dinner was great I got to hear alot of old school stories from days before I even played. Our server was awesome and our food was amazing and the 18oz sirloin didn’t even stand a chance, I was hungry. Yum. I think Paco may be one of the most underrated “Witty-One-Liner” delivery guys that I have ever met as well.

As I lay here in my bed and write this all I can do is smile thinking of today. I met so many new friends and awesome people! On a serious note you all know I have been sponsored before and have heard “Hey Ruff, you’re family”, but honestly, for once with Valken and the Valken Corps I actually feel like it! You gotta check it out, and you get out what you put in. Nite yall tomorrow is game day holler at you then …. Vs Up