Rolling with Ruff: Battle For Hoth 9

February 05, 2018

Did someone say Missle Base ?!?!!!!! I mean, lets just put this in perspective; paintball + missle base… Sounds like a great time right? If you answered yes to this question then you are already feeling like me on this beautiful Saturday morning. Since the field is only an hour away there really is no “big trip” portion of this story, but the adventure is somewhere in here I promise. Just me, my oldest son Got Em Grim and a quick trip down interstate 80 to meet a few hundred friends for the Midwest’s annual snowy-shakedown of paintball. I had been watching the weather all week and I was under the impression it was supposed to be snowy and cold, welp the weather man was wrong again! It was just cold! A beautiful 30 plus degrees and sunny, I dont know how much Virgil, and Chad paid mother nature, but you couldn’t have asked for a better day to play for February in the Midwest. Speaking of better, how do you make a Star Wars themed event at missle base even better? Someone brought a real working replica R2D2 signed by George Lucas himself hanging out and opening the event by singing the Star-Spangled Banner. Now that is Intergalactically American! Virgil always steps up events at Blast Camp for the players.


I told Grim and my boy GI Joe, we needed to get there early enough to help set up the Valken Corps compound for all the players. I wanted to introduce my guys to the the feel of “Team Valken “and show them that we are no strangers to helping out. If anyone knows Train, Paco and the Crew then you know that when we pulled up it was already put together. Word on the street is the Knuckleheads had everything up in 30 seconds, lol. But as soon as my crew walked up to the tent you could feel the love from all the greetings and Paco’s chili was already simmering (smelled amazing). So, we gonna gear up, sample some chili and hit the field.


The Galactic Empire team was led by Ghost Face of the Ghost Crew and the Rebel team by Mario Mota of the Punishers United . Standing in staging you could see great teams and players sporting both color marking tape. Which means no drama, no propaganda just great paintball. This was gonna be an amazing day I could tell already from all the talent around me. I obviously ran Rebel with my oneskull family and had friends of both sides of the 50. Like the Knuckleheads , Ghost Crew, Assassin Alliance, SAS, Soldiers of Havoc, Darkside and Practice Squad on the Galactic Empire team to name a few. Punishers, Reign, NFG Nation, The Rotten Kids, Deplorables, Rage In Paint, and In Contempt on the Rebels . The stage was set, teams were picked and it was 5 minutes to game on. Chrono is closed so I’m gonna go do it at the base and make the first horn.

One minute to game on. We are starting in the cemetery, and in a strange twist of events Nick “Madman” from NFG our XO, is now running command and our Commander, Mario is field commanding. I sure hope this works. Don’t get me wrong, Nick has experience, it’s just a 1st for me to see command switch so it seemed weird. Madman comes up and tells me he wants me and Got Em Gang and the Punishers to push the octagon towards the berm so its on! The explosion goes off for game on. There is still a line at chrono so we have to cover ground and fast. For some strange reason or out of shear dumb luck, most games I either walk in front of or somehow get shot by my teammate GI Joe but today after getting 30 yards from spawn, Grim shoots me in the brand new Valken podpack “Dick Move”. I run and respawn and a huge group of us took off towards the octagon and my lil squad took the tape line in the woods . We had it and still moving forward towards the berm. Im constanly seeing guys from our side running back with props. Everytime we found some for some reason we had Grim running them back to HQ once we had a few. We started pushing tapeline hard through the thick brush and having a blast. The Red team wasn’t taking it easy on us at all. I got my 1st multi-kill here by creeping and crawling like a snake through the brush until I noticed a group ahead. I’m crawling, heart racin, and I can hear their every move. My boy Ian, from Rage In Paint, real close to my left watching the path and my 6 gives me confidence to crawl until I’m about 20 feet away with a clear shot and BAM I’m sending lazers from my VSL out the “pink lady” that would make George Lucas blush. Ian, poppin’ tops on the path as we clear a way and push the woods all the way to the berm. Heart of the Death Star…here we come. The whole time this is going on, our squad pushed through the octagon to the berm as well, and from what I could tell our team on the other side was doing the same. Pretty much the whole day was like this filled with huge firefights and lighsaber battles everywhere. Even better was the sportsmanship that I was seeing and hearing. I was very impressed by all the “good shot player” shout and fistbumps I was seeing on the field. To me, that means everyone is winning no matter the score!

After the luch break the second half seemed to be the same as the first half even after just reversed sides. Props galore running back to our side from 2 minutes after game start was a great feeling. Hopefully all that scenario work pays off in the end. We know Red feather events, and prop hunting counts. I must give a shout out to team Reign, about 3 minutes in and Grim and I are walking back with two 3-stack tube props, when 3 members of team Reign come back each with armfulls overflowing with tube props! I was definitely impressed with that. I remember at some point in the second half when I came back from grabbing paint and air that the Red team had us almost all the way to the berm. Me and 3 guys get into the front tapeline side tower of the berm and we are doing work for some time to hold them off. So much so that we had a ref running bunker to bunker calling out the guys we would hit! Blast Camp Refs sure do set the bar! We had so many targets that I ran out of paint again on that push. We got em back to their side of octagon and I’m out to refill. I gotta say that the Valken Graffiti we were shooting was on point! I was lacing up two-pieces like a tagger on the subway! It’s hard to find paintballs that perform great in harsh conditions but Valken seems to find a way to come through for the players and events. The explosion sounded for game over, and what an amazing game it was.

Its time to gear down and see who won, toss out some goodies and find out who won the awards. Before I get into that I want to mention one guy who was hiding the best he could, the fact he was a sick as a dog but that didn’t stop him from there to set up, tear down and helping every player he could and keeping a straight face for the players with questions, repairs and connecting them all to the Valken Corps. Hell No ! All the while celebrating his son’s birthday, Happy Birthday little homie!!!! Your the man, Train your hard work does not go unnoticed, you are the true definition of “Whatever it Takes“ and it makes a difference with the players and events man. Its time for score , awards and giveaways. Virgil, Chad from Red Feather Productions and the command staff hit the stage. Chad starts with the scores … Blue team wins !!!!!! Yeeeeeeeees !!!! We did it! Congratulations to Mario and Nick. From what Chad said is the win was based off how many ground props we grabbed of the field so all of our running around paid off because the slapsticks and mission points where very close for both sides! I have to say great job to the Red team because you gave me a great event and without you guys I would of never had the fun we did. You all fought hard with honor and sportsmanship and for that I say RESPECT. The awards that were given and recieved, some of the coolest trophies in scenario paintball, were well deserved and earned by the teams who recieved them on both sides. And I usually mention The Deplorables playing but I cannot because they weren't. They were helping out around the event, true ambassadors, but Paco wasnt gonna be unseen soooooooooooo… he announced that he will be commanding next years HOTH 10 , against his wife Sandy !!!!!! Mindblown !!!! Crazy right? Only Paco! Speaking of crazy, right before it was about to be the end … Virgil announced his plan for a new field called “The Compound “ and it looks amazing! It is a 1:1 scale plan of the Pakistani Osama Bin Laden Compound! You can find the concept art we saw Monday on Blastcamp’s website and social media outlets, I’m sure. Usually my coolest thing I tell you all is on field related but before I sign off I want to tell you about the one for this event . There was a group of players from Minnesota and Wisconsin set up with us at the Valken compound at they game and they decided to join us for dinner after. It was cool because they asked me a bunch of questions about my experience with Valken and although I am the new guy I did my best to answer. Then I asked if they were signed up for the Valken Corps and to my suprise they forgot to! Wait a minute you mean team Valken is sooooo cool they let strangers from out of town hang with them, stage with them, play with them, and eat with them ??!?!! Thats pretty damn cool and just one more thing I can respect about this Corps. So my best moment today was personally helping sign up 12 new people for Valken Corps right there at the table! Now it’s their corps, too. You can sign up too for free at become part of a great thing that we got going on … Until the the next time we ride again , stay real, V’s UP! and keep shootin paint!

- Ruff