The General Role

May 11, 2017

As cool as it sounds, it’s a LOT of work. You’ve been chosen to lead your fellow paintballers and be the face of the game. Sometimes you’ll get to play and sometimes you won’t. But it’s all about helping everyone else out running the game and going for the win. Being a General means sacrifice. Sacrificing yourself for others. Your time and devotion to the game will be all day and night depending on what kind of game you play. Your style of play can be at the front of the line or the back. Both have its plus and minuses, with front of the line the team can see you leading them with direction of yourself. You’re there, they are there and it’s a great experience for everyone to charge the field. The minus of this is you can’t see or know everything that is going on during the game other then the area you are in. You can’t call in help for a side that you don’t know needs it if your pre occupied on your own. That’s where back of the line leading excels. Information is coming at you all the time from players being shot out. They will inform you of everything that is happening. You have time to think and analyze what’s going on and with the field of play. You can direct oncoming players to other spots of the map that are needed to help keep the flow of the game going.


Your main source of power will be your XO, (second in command) they will be the ones helping you along the way. From radioing commands to completing objectives, they will be there every step of the way. Picking an XO is strategic and needs to be thought out. What alliances do teams have to the XO and what don’t. Certain XO’s can bring in more paintballers to your side and that can mean the difference to a win or a loss. Picking an XO that’s on a large team will score you more players coming for you because they will support their team mate. Also an XO on a strong large team that is helping you on their home field is a great asset. However a strong XO can be a single player who isn’t on any team however has a large following and or a strong presence on the field and can really lead! So pick them wisely.


Communication is a key to win battles on the field, if you can’t talk to the players, they won’t know where to go and everything can fall apart. Make sure to talk to everyone gather every bit of into you can on advantages of the field and disadvantages to use them to your advantage. Missions do come into play in the game and sometimes unexpectedly. It does add excitement and challenge however it can impede your progress. I’m not saying stay away from missions they can be a key goal in bringing your score from behind to ahead of the other team. I’ve seen game where they other team dominated the field but the other team won by points.


Water is the life of the player. Bring water to your games. How much does a case of water cost? It’s can range from $.99 cents to $4.00 for a case of water. How much is that worth to you? If you can hydrate 30 extra players who can stay even 10 mins more on the field then it is something that sells itself. Some fields do offer water stations but the ones that don’t and you want to go for that big win can mean the difference. Make sure your team is hydrated. Look out for signs of heat exhaustion and fatigue, the last thing you want is a casualty on the field.


It is a fun position to be in and you can learn a LOT from it. It will help you lead a team later on or be a great XO for someone else. Do as best you can. Think about not just the game but everyone evolved and that even means your enemy. If you’re over running them put yourself in their shoes and pull your troops back give them a chance to come out and have fun because at the end of the day your there to do what? That’s right HAVE FUN!


Have fun out there and keep your mask on.

I’ll see you on the field

Rob McLellan

Valken Corps

Supreme Commander Canada