Valken Corps Road Trip: Riding with Ruff: Day 4

January 14, 2018

     Today was a way better day in my opinion as far as the weather goes. Perfect day to play some paintball. Coach from the Knuckleheads, my roommate for the roadtrip, woke me up and I was super excited to get this day rolling. So it was: brush my teeth and head on down for some coffee and muffins. After breakfast the squad all rounded up their things and hit the road to the field.

 You know that feeling when it’s your first time pulling up to the an amusement park? That is the paintball high and we all had it. I bet if you would have opened up the car door it would of been glowing like Bruce Leroy at the end of the last dragon from all the positive energy! Who is the master?!?!?!?! Sho Nuff!!! Google it kids! We pull up to the field and the work ain't over,  A-Train decides we need to move the compound.  In a time that would make a jimmy johns driver blush we moved the Valken Corps compound down the way and it was time to sign in, get air, get paint, chrono and get ourselves ready for the day ahead of us. We all got it together and eased on down the road to the player briefing. After a short but sweet speech from both generals, the game producer, the field owner and the head ref going over the rules and it was time for the pre-registration raffle. Today's raffle winner got to go home with a brand new Valken Code paintball marker compliments of Valken Sports. Sweet deal!!! The producer called for a kid to come up and pull the winning name. Well after a couple, lets call them “misfires” with the drawing ending up…TWICE to a pre-registered player named “Tom King”, the crowd of players convinced the kid to say his name was “Tom King” chanting  “Give it to the Kid !” , so we all know I joined in yelling “Give it to the kid!”. And as any good story ends, the young player got the marker! The smile on the little dudes face was well worth it to all the people in attendance. I never got his real name but we called him “Tom King” and “TK “ every time he walked by. With all the pleasantries over, it was time to base up and blow the whistle!

The Corps squad and I were the 1st ones ready at the base with a couple other players, when to our suprise we heard the shot that sounded the start of the game . So the hand full of us dispersed quickly to the hyperball field where we were met at the other end by the opposing team. A LOT of the opposing team. I was trying my best to hold them back sending stream after stream of paintballs. I sent more Graffiti their way than a tagger gone wild on the underpasses in Chicago. Screaming postions and shooting like a madman! I turn to tell my squad what I’m seeing, but what I’m not seeing is any more of my team.  Well alrighty then, I guess it's just me and I’m ok with that too. I remain shooting it out with them from that position until the point I was in a gunfight with 3 guys and I lost with a shot to the goggles. By the time I was turning around to walk away here come our troops storming in. This went on as the gunfights were plentiful and creative all day.

Yet the highlight of my day came in the very next spawn. I decided that I defended well but wasnt really playing my style of paintball so it was time to shake it off and do me. I started to creep the far right side heading towards the areas leading towards their spawn . As I was walking I hear not far behind me a couple players from my side fighting a few red players in the castle.  I was across the ridge but able to see the commotion and I could see a head and a hopper of the red team in the tower shooting at my team. I creeped slowly up waiting on my shot and bam here it is. I shot out the tower, our law rocket guy hit the wall and next thing I know we were 4-deep clearing the caslte. With the castle cleared we head forward and come up to the treeline leading to the airball field. The launcher decided it was best for him to end his time with us to head back to the hyperball field and fight off the tanks that had been a thorn in our side all day so far, Now, down to 3, we crawl along the tree line towards the airball field and watch respawned and dead red players walking back and forth to their command post down the road on the opposite side of the airball field. We make it to the edge of the treeline and I see my opportunity to make something happen so I tell the two players with me to hang low there and I’m gonna try to get a couple bodies off the field. So making my way walking across the airball field and I sneak into the foot traffic on the road to the hyperball field. If I said my heart wasnt racing I’d be lying, but outwardly, I played it cooler then eskimo on christmas and kept on walking like I was on their team. I walked up to the first group I encountered and there were  about a dozen of them. I felt like a trojan horse opening up ready to strike....when it was said and done, I walked off with 10 new friends that I shot or barrel tagged, out of play. I ended up with 5 barrel tags and 5 kill shots before my bunker was shot by a law rocket and I was finally eliminated.  Was that ever exciting!

I had a couple silly moments as well. Like tripping in my new cleats twice. HA.   Then the kicker, I went and got air, filled up my hopper and pods with paint, put pods in podpack and headed in to respawn. I spawn and I see our commander, Lacey and Sandy from The Deplorables on left flank of the command and I enter the fight and we are pushing them back, working like a well oiled machine. Calling locations poppin tops and taking back field real estate. We are in a nice firefight and it is time to reload and as I have done countless times before, reached back to grab a new pod and...nothing. Left my harness at the staging area! Whomp whomp whomp.

Overall, I gotta say it was a super fun time, super cool field, with super cool people . Thats what you call winning all around if you ask me. It’s 2am here in my hotel room, sipping on a coffee to stay awake, and writing this blog. I wish you were all here with us. Final day is tomorrow so I need to get some rest, night yall… holla at you manana...V’s Up!