What Is Scenario Paintball?

April 25, 2017

What Is Scenario Paintball?

Scenario paintball is one of the fastest growing types of paintball games in the world, with events held all around the globe nearly every weekend. Scenario games are special themed events that are usually based on a movie storyline, a war reenactment or some other type of script. Sometimes referred to as role playing games or 24-hour games, scenario paintball events are very different from any other type of paintball game or event. The first difference is that most scenario games last anywhere from 12 to 24 hours, with players continually “reinserting” within a few minutes of being eliminated. When players are eliminated they grab a drink, reload and head to specially designated reinsertion zones where they reenter the game.


Although there are paintball markers like the Valken V-TAC line made specifically for scenario paintball, any marker will do just fine. Markers like the Valken V-TAC line offer scenario players more options with things like built in rails for accessories like the V-TAC Flashlight Kit, as well as scope, sites and more.  Valken’s V-TAC Harnesses, Belts, Grenade and Smoke pouches, Molle Harnesses and other accessories can provide even the most serious scenario baller with everything needed to play.


Speaking of playing… during scenario games each team’s players work together to complete dozens of assigned missions. Teams are awarded points for completed missions and scores mount through the entire game. In the meantime, eliminating players during the games makes accomplishing those missions a lot easier. In the end the team with the most points wins.


Scenario games are open to all levels of player—no specific experience is necessary. That’s one of the best thing s about this type of game. Scenario ball offers the recreational player an opportunity to play the game in a different format, in a very festive atmosphere and with all types of players, and it offers the chance to up the ante from regular walk-on paintball with a higher level of recreational play.


Give scenario paintball a shot. We think you’ll love it.