Welcome to the Corps!


The Valken Corps follows the following Chain of Command.

Supreme Commander > Regional Commander > District Lieutenant >  Corps Members

A Supreme Commander in charge of an entire national branch. A Regional Commander is in charge of a region within a national branch. A District Lieutenant is in charge of an assigned district within a region.



The Supreme Commander is one of the senior enlisted positions of the Valken Corps. The Supreme Commander is in charge of their respective national branch, which includes every Regional Commander, District Lieutenant and patched member within that national branch. The Supreme Commander processes any problems related to Valken Corps personnel, and proposes solutions to these problems concerning standards, morale, training, growth and advancement of Regional Commanders.


The Regional Commanders serve as the enlisted advisors and consultants to the Supreme Commander. The Regional Commander must be an expert within their region who can give advice and initiate recommendations to the Supreme Commander in matters pertaining to Valken Corps program.
The Regional Commander is leader within the region, and is overseeing and driving the Valken Corps within their region. The Regional Commander carries out policies and standards on performance, training, appearance, conduct, growth and the advancement of District Lieutenants.



The District Lieutenant's experience and ability are equal to that of the Regional Commander. Although not charged with the enormous leadership responsibilities of the Regional Commander, the District Lieutenant dispatches leadership and executes other duties with the same professionalism as the Regional Commander. District Lieutenants are responsible for enlisting and ensuring expansion of the Valken Corps Program into their District. This position requires extraordinary leadership and professional competence.



There are two levels of Corps membership. Basic membership and Patched membership.
Anyone can sign up to become a basic member and get updated on meetings and game schedules. Basic members will receive special offers and newsletters from Valken Corps sponsors.
Patched members can sign up and purchase a Valken Corps Regional Patch. This is where the fun begins. Once you are registered and receive you patch, you will be eligible for a variety of membership benefits. This could include various local discounts at playing facilities, exclusive offers from your RC and Valken Sports, various product offerings. The list of benefits is growing daily.


If you have a playing field or store that does not have a benefit in place for the Valken Corps, contact your District Lieutenant or Regional Commander. They will be able to contact the store and work towards new benefits on your behalf.